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We want to make sure you get a top notch silent party experience no matter how small or large your gathering is. We can also offer trained sound engineers who install the transmitters, ensure all the equipment is working properly and resolve any transmitter interference issues.


What are Silent Disco Headphones?

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LED Wireless Headphones

We use top of the line headphones that each have three user selectable channels and their own user adjustable volume control. Our headphones light up by color according to which channel they are on.

3 Channel Systems

Our silent disco equipment is specially designed to broadcast up to 3 channels.  Turn it up and get down.  Loud and crisp, over ear headphones will keep your silent disco jumping without disturbing the environment.  No noise complaints, no problems!

Headphones Logo

Fully Rechargeable

We deliver the headphones to you fully charged. They will operate for about 10 hours depending on how loud they are set, so most of our clients don’t have to re-charge them. But just in case you do, we’ll show you how to do it.

Easy Volume & Channel Control

They are the three channel, battery powered (10 hours of operation), FM wireless, and they light up according to which channel you select. They each have their own volume control so you decide how loud you want to party!


With over 400 Headhpones in stock

Our inventory is always growing.  If you have a large event, contact us and we may still be able to make accommodations for you.

Meet Our Team


No longer a skeptic

I was skeptical about doing a silent party with my friends but Silent Disco Fun guided me through everything that I needed to do.  We had a backyard party that went until 3a.m. and then a few months later a movie night for my kids’ friends.  Thanks Silent Disco Fun.

Kim Barnes


Grew my personal training business

As a personal trainer, I am always looking for new places to take my groups.  Bring a Bluetooth speaker has gotten me in a little trouble with local residents when we do park workouts.  I found Silent Disco Fun and they provided great service, plus phones with preloaded music that my workout group to exercise to.

Suzie Porter


Headphones made me a better leader

I was looking for something different for team building and I found “silent games” online.  This led to finding games using wireless headphones.  I set it up, called Silent Disco Fun, and order 35 headphones.  My team enjoyed it so much that they’re asking me when the next headphone event is going to be.

RJ Hatchell


Peach auto had great communication

I helped coordinate my daughter’s school party.  She and some of the kids on the planning committee thought that it would be cool to do a silent party after watching the TV show Atypical.  The party went off without a hitch and the kids loved being able to switch between channels to listen to different music.

Jenelle Robison

What Our Customers Say

Alex Greenwood

32, programmer

Viola Brown

22, student

Tiffany Wreewind

19, artist

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is an estimate?

All of your estimates are free.  Yes, FREE!

Are these the ‘light-up’ type of headphones?

Yes, they are. Both Ear Cups are illuminated by bright LED’s. They show green, red, or blue depending upon which of their three channels are activated.

What are the controls on the headphones?

There is an on/off switch, a volume control, and a three position channel selector.

Earpieces light up Red, Blue, or Green depending upon which of the three channels you select.

What is the reception distance of the headphones?

Under optimum circumstances the reception distance is 300 yards. That is three football fields. Also, because these use FM signals, they work through obstacles like walls. It doesn’t have to be line of sight.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, Visa, or Mastercard.

What if I can't get the music loud enough?

This usually means that the device playing the music is not turned all the way up. It can also mean that the track being played is not loud enough.
But your first step is to talk to the person playing the music. Tell them to read my FAQ. Then they will know that their player devices should be turned all the way up – both the hardware and the software.
If it is a DJ mixer board, that doesn’t need to be turned all of the way up, but it still does need to be turned up higher than they have it.
Make sure the DJ only has her Silent Disco headphones only turned up to about 60%. If she has hers on 100%, she is going to be playing the source music too soft.

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