Getting Started

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Our Office 365 Vision

Reinventing the way we work!

Transparent communication: a platform to deliver a consistent message and facilitate two-way communication.

Collaborative projects: drive productivity by facilitating cross-geographic and functional team project collaboration.

Shared knowledge: increase access to information and the ability to share best practices and learn from each other peer-to-peer.

Inspired work: accelerate innovation giving us the agility to meet the needs of our changing business.

Office 365 Adoption Action Plan

I Want To… Stop… Start… By Using…
Collaborate openly on teams and projects • Attaching files in email.
• Using email for discussions.
• Using a shared workspace.
• Building project history.
Sites in Office 365.
Create and contribute to shared content • Storing content locally.
• Sending revisions in email.
• Storing content centrally.
• Using collaboration tools.
OneDrive for Business and Sites.
Run more effective meetings • Using pay-by-minute conferencing.
• Booking up conference rooms.
• Having online meetings.
• Using shared workspaces.
Skype for Business.
Maximize your productivity • Relying on old tools and practices.
• Re-solving the same problems.
• Using tasks and presence.
• Subscribing to feeds and finding experts.
Outlook and Outlook Web App.
Share your identity and expertise • Sending updates through email.
• Storing your work locally.
• Maintaining your profile.
• Sharing your work.
Skype for Business.
Engage with community and build a knowledge base • Limiting your network to your physical location. • Using social networks.
• Proactively sharing information.
Newsfeed and Yammer.
Work from anywhere • Waiting to get back to the office or your desktop to get work done. • Getting your work done from anywhere. Office365 Apps in your browser, Outlook Web App, Documents in your browser, Online meetings and instant messaging.