Our Corporate Partners Are Important To Us

And We’re Important To Them Because We’re Their Agile Coaches, Trainers, And Business Partners.

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Our Corporate Clients

Building High Performing Teams

Transform Your Business Through Coaching

Innovation is changing how we do business almost everyday. Is your business prepared to pivot quickly and make quick decisions based on economy, competitors, or changes in technology? We guide you through setting up your business operations processes to do just that. Some of our clients see quick results in the way their business runs and the empowerment of their employees to do work.

Included in our programs, you’ll receive:

  • On-site trainings
  • Strategic transformation based on your business culture
  • Clear vision and roadmap for execution
  • Coaching support to develop high performing teams
  • Method to funding and budgeting for efficiency
  • and much more…

Our Clients love your coaching program.

We save you money and help build a road map of success. They have a clear idea of who their teams are, what work is being done, and what value that they bring to their customers. Not only that, the road map that’s laid out for them leads them to be self-sufficient companies moving forward. Moreover, our programs are custom designed based on your industry and if you’re providing and product and/or service. Our business coaching are usually related to project management, agile, IT service management, or Six Sigma.

Build or Enhance Your Digital Presence

We not only build websites, we develop online tools to enhance your user’s experience which includes our three white labeled flagship platforms. Learn more about Groopwork’s Learning Management System, Virtual Event Platform, and their private online communities/intranets.

Learning Management

Our learning management system includes features such as:

  • Training Repositories
  • Audio/Video Conferencing
  • Online Chat
  • Quizzes
  • Certificates & Badges
  • Instructor Reporting
  • and much more….

Virtual Events Platform

Our Virtual Event Platform Includes:

  • Private Groups
  • Real-Time Chat
  • Video Conferencing
  • Breakout Workshops/Training Rooms
  • Virtual Tradeshows
  • Live Polling
  • and much more....

Intranets & Online Portals

Our online communities/intranets include:

  • Open Forums
  • Internal Directory
  • Friends List
  • Who's Online Notification
  • Chat and Messenger
  • Custom Profiles
  • Internal Blog & News
  • and much more....
Developing Corporate Training

Creating Engagement Learning Experiences Through Instructional Design

Training can be too generic and disengaging to your employees. Is your training list only a checkbox for your employees or is it something that they unconsciously work by? We create and deliver custom interactive training and exams for many business needs. Our clients notice that their employees are not only engaged with the training but the material sticks with them longer.

Creating and Delivering Corporate Training

  • Team Building Training
  • Industry specific exams and curriculum
  • Cross Cultural Conversations on Racial Equity
  • Career Readiness Training
  • Process Design Training
  • Business Model Canvas Training
  • and much more….

Train The Trainer

If you just want us to create the training and exams for you, that’s fine to. We offer train the trainer courses that include a training guide for the business.