Spread your message to the masses with our Groopwork Learners' Platform.

We built a platform for:

Colleges & Universities

Better than Blackboard or Moodle, we provide a platform that increases collaboration among faculty and staff.

Small Businesses

Reach the masses and generate another stream of revenue with high quality courses that creates an amazing user experience.


Have a message you want to get out? Create a course and bring in more clients with a professional and high quality platform.

Better Collaboration

Public & Private Groups

Create groups for the classroom or org's clubs

Virtual Live Classrooms

Teach live through the learners platform.

Project/Task Management

Manage group assignments efficiently.

Social Networking

A social media feel in a learning environment.

Increased Communications

Private Messaging

Allow students and instructors to communicate with on another without the need of email or providing phone numbers.


Send out company or organizational-wide messages to keep your students, faculty, and/or clients in the loop of latest news.

Live Chat

Send real-time messages to your fellow classmates and teachers. Persistent chat allows messages to be saved over time.

Mass Student Messages

Instructors can message their entire class to keep them updated with course changes, grade updates, and advice.

Instructor Capabilities

Student & Instructor Alerts

Get notifications to increase learner engagement

Quizzes, Test, & Surveys

Create quizzes, test, and surveys

Drip Content

Drip feed lessons on a schedule

Certificates & Badges

Increase engagement with course rewards

Assignment Management

Approve, comment on, and assign points to assignments

Bulk Registration

Upload a mass list of new learners to your course.

Sell Courses

Sell multiple courses through a one-time purchase or subscription.

Course Reporting

View reports on user registration, quiz results, and assignments.