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Boot Camps

With Silent Disco Fun Headphones, you can host your boot camps practically anywhere.

Silent Disco Bootcamp


Connect with all of the attendees of your next relay no matter how short or long the distance.

Team Building

Anywhere from team building events to team building fitness programs, Silent Disco Fun Headphones takes your next team building exercise to the next level.


Limited on office space?  Host corporate presentation and conferences at any location with our Silent Disco Fun Headphones.

Office Parties

Don't disturb the tenants in the floors around your office floor with loud music.  Use Silent Disco Fun Headphones to have your next Christmas party.


Are you having your next party on a rooftop, at home, in a park or your backyard.  No worries, Silent Disco Fun Headphones are great for those events.

Movie Night

Have a backyard party for your kids with a Silent Disco Fun Movie Night.

Silent Prom

Teens love silent proms.  It gives them the opportunity to listen to the kind of music they like.

What are Silent Disco Headphones?

A unique and effective online program for professionals to group study and pass their certification exams.

LED Wireless Headphones

Fully Rechargeable

iPhone Rental with Curate Playlists

3 Channel Systems

Easy Volume & Channel Control

Personal Delivery and Setup

Try our Silent Disco Fun Boot Camp

We offer a unique fitness experience. It combines high intensity workouts with a 'Silent Disco Fun' party flare. Participants enjoy highly motivated instructors, energizing music, and easy to follow instructions while listening to it all in their individual sound system.

The duration of the workout is 50 minutes. Bring a positive attitude, water, workout gloves and yoga mats are highly recommended.

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Wireless LED Headphones


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Yes, they are. Both Ear Cups are illumivated with bright LEDs. They show green, red, or blue depending upon which of their three channels are activated.

There is an on/off switch, a volume control, and a three position channel selector.

There is an on/off switch, a volume control, and a three position channel selector.

Earpieces light up Red, Blue, or Green depending upon which of the three channels you select.

Under optimum circumstances, the reception distance is 300 yards. That is three football fields. Also, because these use FM signals, they work through obstacles like walls. It doesn't have to be line of sight.

We accept cash, Visa, or Mastercard.

This usually means that the device playing the music is not turned all the way up. It can also mean that the track being played is not loud enough.

But first step is to talk to the person playing the music. Tell them to read my FAQ. Then they will know that their player devices should be turned all the way up - both that hardware and the software.

If it is a DJ mixer board, that doesn't need to be turned all of the way up, but it still does need to be turned up higher than they have it.

Make sure the DJ only has their Silent Disco headphones only turned up about 60%. If they have theirs on 100%, they are going to be playing the source music too soft.