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STEM / Robotics Program Profile

The main purpose of our STEM programs is to engage students in STEM activities that expose them to, cultivate interest, and increase confidence in their abilities to succeed in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. We simply use robotics as a hands on method to build activities around and demonstrate application of STEM skills. We coach teams that participate in the First Lego League and First Tech Challenge.

We provide programs and facilitate partnerships that create a pipeline of diverse, Charlotte community students, starting from middle school STEM programs, to high school programs, to college major programs, and ultimately to STEM-related careers.

Career Transferable STEM Skills:

  • Problem Solving / Scientific Method
  • Project Management / Organizational Skills
  • Technology
  • Mechanics

Program Highlights

  • Successfully co-hosted the First ever FTC Regional Qualifier in CLT @ ImaginOn on 1/16:
    • 13 teams participated (one from VA.), including 2 from MOY. Our team 7989 “Autonomous Rex” made the elimination round.
    • More than 300 attendees
    • 8 Member and 4 parent volunteers supported the event; 11 students on our teams.
  • Facilitated MOY Saturday Academy STEM workshop 1/30 @ NASCAR R&D; 50 students.
  • Our FTC Team #7989 “Autonomous Rex” qualified for the State tournament after competing in the Regional at Appalachian State (1/31). Team also received the Rockwell Collins Innovation Award and placed on the “Think” and “Design” awards
  • Our First Lego Team received the Team Spirit Award at the Concord Regional Qualifier in 2012
  • Annual “STEM Showcase” event featuring FTC and FLL Robotic competitions have been held in the Spring since 2014

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