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Naylor’s Medical Billing Services is a professional medical billing outsourcing practice.  We provide outsourcing services for private practices while specializing in Radiology, Pain Management, Orthopedics, and Urology claims.

We process our claims as professionals, with accuracy, and concentration for the purpose of positive reimbursement. We believe in servicing our clients with compassion, integrity, and dedication so that the provider can give more importance on their patients.

Why Outsourcing?

Why Should You Outsource?

By outsourcing medical billing for your practice, you will save your staff hours that can be allocated to other pertinent needs.

When billing errors are minimized, reimbursements and payments can be received in a shorter amount of time.expand/collapse

Regardless of the size of your practice, outsourcing medical billing can help eliminate interruptions, distractions, and complications that would otherwise prevent your practice from reaching its full potential.

Outsourcing medical billing helps ensure it is profitable for your practice and that the medical billing process is up-to-date and free of human error.
As we have established, healthcare has ever-changing regulations that can make medical billing extremely difficult to keep up with. There are always new protocols to be aware including changes in Medicare, Medicaid, and third-party payers.

Medical billing outsourcing services must stay on top of changes like these on a regular basis. This helps ensure they’re always submitting clean claims and that the practices they partner with are always in compliance.

By outsourcing medical billing, you are taking something off your team’s hands – something that can usually be better managed by another entity. In doing so, you’re freeing up your staff’s time to better attend to patients’ needs, resulting higher satisfaction rates and better patient retention.

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“Our simple process leads you to growth and peace of mind you are in the right hands.”

“Our simple process leads you to growth and peace of mind you are in the right hands.”

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